Introducing AM Floral Studio



I'm going to assume that if you've taken the time to read this about me page that you're interested, even remotely, in who I am and how AM Florals came to be. So, hi! I'm Allycia (Lycia or Ally for short). I've lived in Ottawa my whole life so I'm intimately familiar with the city and its quirks. I’m a Carleton University graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Science (Biology specifically), where I took just about every plant-related course the university offers; so my love of plants and flowers runs deep! I've always loved plants and flowers so the leap from biology to floral design, for me, made perfect sense. Floristry gives me a creative outlet for something that I'm passionate about.  

AM Florals originally started as an Instagram account, which at the time was called Ally's Garden. I started Ally's Garden in the summer of 2017 while working as a gardener for the National Capital Commission at Rideau Hall. During the previous year, I had tried to find a part-time job in a flower shop, but flower jobs are hard to come by in Ottawa, especially when you have little experience in the industry. So, I decided to just start teaching myself. I read blog posts and books on design and how to treat flowers, and I started making arrangements from whatever flowers I could get my hands on (most of which came from my mom’s garden). 

Before trekking out on my own I worked mostly in the wedding industry as a wedding stylist and florist for other wedding floral companies in Ottawa.

If you've seen my work and are interested in working with me, I'd be more than happy to meet with you to discuss my services! Shoot me an email or give me a call and we can chat!

Thanks for listening!

 Allycia xx